Equipment Loans

No matter whether you’re just starting out in self-employment, or you have an established business, chances are at some stage you’re going to need new equipment. Shape Finance can help you work out the best finance options to fund these purchases.

Finance can be used to acquire a range of equipment, such as vehicles, Earthmoving equipment, forklifts, IT hardware, telephony systems, industrial machinery and other forms of plant and assets. Equipment finance is particularly helpful for businesses that want to manage their cash flow.

Purchasing and upgrading business equipment without adversely affecting cash flow is a challenge for most businesses.

We consider your current situation and forecast for growth. We also do the legwork to establish your pre-approved funding levels so that you can commit to machines with comfort finance is in line.

Our team at Shape Finance sources and packages up the best equipment finance solutions for you so that you can focus on your business.

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